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Welcome to Man Van Team

If ever you are considering of finding another place to stay or you simply have to move out because of some unforeseen circumstances, then packing and transporting your goods could be a great problem. With a lot of things that should be considered, you would most probably opt to hire somebody to do the job for you instead. That is why if ever you decide to hire for a reliable service, make it Man Van Team’s man and van service.

Our man and van service in London is very affordable and truly reliable to take care of all your belongings. No matter what you require from us, we can provide it excellently for you. Call us at 02033226557 to know more about what we can exactly do for you. With us, moving out could never be so convenient and easy.

Man Van Team: Making your move more convenient for you.

We are a widely known man and van company offering wide range of services throughout London. From domestic services to the commercial ones, we can cater all your needs no matter how simple or complicated it could be.

At Man Van Team, we give our full dedication in helping people relocate by providing them with their necessities such as transportation, packaging and packing materials as well as all the other services that are needed for a smooth sailing move. With our man and van service, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Professional planning and consultation
  • Setting up of organizational procedures free of charge
  • Round the clock availability on phone inquiries and advisory
  • Established with years of experience in this field
  • Completely insured services on transportation
  • Quality vans in all sizes to house your goods safely and securely
  • All services are priced at a reasonable rate
  • Always starts on time to finish on time

Why waste your time and effort when you can have a man with a van service that can help you handle your most hated job? In considering this kind of service, you will be relieved from all types of stress and hassle that you can experience when you do things by yourself. With a man and van service, everything will be as easy as 1-2-3. For more information about us and our services at Man Van Team, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 02033226557. Our trained staff would always be ready to answer your call and queries.

Moving the entire house somewhere else?

When you and your family decide to go somewhere else to start anew, then you would most probably need the help of our man and van services. If you want to get away with stress and you wish to make everything convenient for you, then we are just the right professionals you can call.

At Man Van Team, we can help you organise everything so as not to miss important details of the move. We understand that since you are move the entire household, then great work and toil must be needed to make everything smooth sailing. Thus, here are the very steps that we do to help you get everything under your sleeves:

STEP 1: We arrange for an appointment to discuss all your requirements.

The moment we receive your call, we will immediately set an appointment with you in order to discuss the necessary details on your move as well as your other requirements. We will let you understand the important things that you need to consider on your move. In this way, you would be able to have a clear picture of what will happen on the day of your move.

STEP 2: We provide you with an estimate.

After we have discussed all your requirements, we will then give you an estimate of how much the whole package costs. At Man Van Team, we can guarantee you that we will give you an honest estimate with the most affordable and reasonable price.

STEP 3: We will schedule your move.

When everything has been settled and planned properly, we will now schedule the time and date for your move. If ever you have a certain date that you have in mind, we can also adjust to it. Your convenience and satisfaction is our utmost concern at Man Van Team.

STEP 4: We arrive at your place on time.

Our man and van service is always on time to load your packed goods on our van. We do not want to cause you any delay. That is why as much as possible, we will be at your place even before the time and do the necessary actions at the right time. We may be fast but we also make sure that we do things properly so as to avoid any damages and breakage to all your precious belongings.

STEP 5: We will transport your packed goods as agreed upon.

When we transport your packed goods, we can give you a full guarantee that your belongings will arrive at the place safe and free from any damage and breakage. If there are instances that are truly inevitable, your goods will still be safe with us because it will be covered with the insurance policy that we have.

STEP 6: We will deliver your goods on time.

Since we started on time, then we would eventually deliver your goods on time. You can expect that we will never cause you any problem because of the delay. With us, you will never be worried of being delayed with your planned activities.

If you have any question on our domestic man and van services, feel free to give us a call at 02033226557. Your call is really welcomed at Man Van Team 24/7.

Expanding your business locally?

We, at Man Van Team, also offer man and van services to commercial customers who would like to transfer, expand and branch out. We can aid you in fulfilling your dreams specially in looking forward to a greener pasture for your business.

Our man and van service is truly reliable. Anything you require from us will be provided for professionally and excellently. When you make your deal with us, you will never have to look much further. Everything is provided without giving you any problem or disappointments. With us, moving your office will be easier and more convenient that suits your budget. If you wish to know more about our different services that we can offer for your business, give us a call at 02033226557. Your concern is also our concern. It is our privilege to provide you with great satisfaction in all your dealings with us.